News Story Samples

As both a full-time reporter and freelancer I have always conducted my own research and interviews, written my own headlines and captions and taken my own photographs. I have also been responsible for my own proofreading for technical error and factual accuracy and often conducted my own layout as well. Since the advent of the internet and the blogosphere, many out there are calling themselves “researchers” and “reporters”. My writing reflects the hands-on experience that comes from a formal education in journalism as well as the indispensable training that can only occur working full-time for an actual newspaper with cast iron deadlines and an expectation of the AP style and journalistic integrity.

Below you’ll find a fraction of the hundreds of news stories I have published over the years covering everything from the city beat (police, fire, government, EMS) to human interest stories to various features.

Pot Bust Coppell

Coppell Death

Longview Current BU

Earth Times Lead


New Jail

Skin Scare1Skin Scare2Skin Scare3

Angels Feature1

New Years Fires

Lights Out Turney


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