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Starfire Announces the Release of the Network Computing Manager, Titan


Lawrence, Kansas, December 2000 — Starfire Engineering & Technologies, Inc. is announcing the March 2001 release of Starfire Titan, the Network Computing Manager. Starfire Titan provides browser based, centralized administration for OS/2, WorkSpace On-Demand, AIX, Windows NT/2000, and Linux environments.


Starfire Titan establishes a new standard for IT skills management. By encapsulating the knowledge required to accomplish IT tasks, Starfire Titan enables an administrator to launch these tasks by answering only a few questions via a web browser interface. Starfire Titan greatly reduces the complexity of the administration of distributed systems.


“Customers invest large amounts of money and time in the development and practicing of administrative skills. People then change positions or don’t exercise these skills often. When compounded with multiple customers having to develop the same skills in parallel, this results in a great waste of duplicated efforts,” said Richard R. Spurlock, Vice President of Starfire. “Starfire Titan allows complex, multi-step tasks to be defined once, delivered to multiple customers, and then the IT staff responds to a few questions and Starfire Titan completes the task for them. It’s consistent, fast, and available to people with any skill level.”


Starfire Titan has been in use by selected Starfire customers since 1998. The release of Starfire Titan culminates the efforts of the Technologies division to control the challenges and rising costs of IT administration facing companies today.




Starfire Titan provides browser based, cross-platform centralized management of network computing resources enterprise-wide. Starfire Titan is built on a foundation of open standards including Java, TCP/IP, HTML, XML, and SSL/TLS.


Centralized Administration — For the first time, OS/2 and WorkSpace On-Demand can be centrally administrated from a browser. Additionally, this functionality can include the Windows NT/2000, IBM AIX, and Linux environments.


Minimized IT Training — Starfire Titan solves the challenges and costs associated with staff changes, availability, and training times. By “storing” the intellectual property required to accomplish a task, Starfire Titan enables anyone with the proper access to perform even the most complex of tasks . From the tasks which are performed daily to the tasks performed once a year, the training investment is needed once and is repeatedly available to the entire IT staff forever. The IT staff is now freed from the need to research, develop, and test solutions to the same problems over and over.


Enterprise Consistency — Starfire Titan is the foundation for standardized deployments, operations, and services in the enterprise. By encapsulating the knowledge required to accomplish activities, Starfire Titan provides quick, consistent, and reproducible results across customer’s enterprise. These defined activities can be performed at any time by anyone in the enterprise with proper access – regardless of the skill level.


Extendibility — Starfire Titan encapsulates the administrative tasks into Titan Activities. Titan Activities can be customer built to extend and customize the Starfire Titan investment. Additionally, Titan Activities can be purchased from the Starfire Titan Partners. Starfire Titan can be further extended to support additional environments and vendor products.




Starfire Titan is currently in pilot at Starfire customer locations. Starfire Titan will be generally available in March 2001. For additional information, email:, call 785-842-1111, or write to the address below.


About Starfire Technologies


Starfire is a leading IBM service partner that provides Server-Managed Client Solutions with IBM’s Network Computing software family. As a Premier IBM and Lotus Business partner, Starfire offers the “best of breed” products to solve challenging network computing problems. Starfire’s cross platform expertise covers the OS/2, Windows, AIX, and Linux operating systems. Starfire is the source for the foundations for complex architecture, deployment and development solutions.


Contact Information:


Starfire Engineering & Technologies, Inc.

2429 Iowa Street, Suite K

Lawrence, Kansas 66046-4075 USA

785-842-1111 Phone

785-842-8811 Facsimile


For more information, visit:


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